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Polish manufacturer of OpenUpSystem patio blind brackets

Terrace cladding with external blinds delighted us with its simplicity and effectiveness. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to shield ourselves from the sun, rain and wind. However, we did not want to close ourselves off from enjoying the delights of the backyard terrace on a sunny day. This is how we discovered movable terrace blinds.

We have found several systems on the market that enable construction of movable wooden external blinds. However, none met our expectations 100 per cent. We therefore decided to develop our own product - OpenUpSystem handles.

Today, as a Polish manufacturer of OpenUpSystem handles, we supply essential structural elements for the construction of gazebos, terraces, shelters and balconies for DIY enthusiasts and professional construction companies.

Why choose handles from a Polish manufacturer?

If you buy brackets from a Polish manufacturer, you can be sure that the product will arrive on time, at an attractive price and in high quality. We offer patio blind brackets in as many as five colours. From Monday to Friday, we offer our knowledge and experience by answering customers' questions. We offer free of charge instructional materials available on the product pages. Why are movable outdoor blinds so popular? There are several reasons:

-good design understood as a combination of genuine utility and Scandinavian aesthetics;
-affordable price;
-High-quality material - aluminium and Polish wood sourced from local suppliers;
- simple design.

Why are movable external blinds so popular?

There are several reasons for this:

-good design understood as a combination of genuine utility and Scandinavian aesthetics;
-affordable price;
-High-quality material - aluminium and Polish wood sourced from local suppliers;
- simple design.

Is enclosing a terrace with patio blinds a good idea?

We liked it enough to offer this solution to our clients. 

Today, OpenUpSystem brackets and kits based on them are used by both professionals and hobbyists who themselves want to cover a terrace, balcony or gazebo.

For whom is a product such as OpenUpSystem handles intended?

For everyone who appreciates convenience and aesthetics. Our brackets and ready-made patio building kits are used in many ways. They find their way onto backyard plots whose owners are looking for a way to enclose a gazebo. They cover terraces in flats whose residents value privacy. Sliding louvre panel walls are installed in garden lounges, terraces of stately villas and gardens.
What counts is the customers' creative invention. To see what can be done with OpenUpSystem handles combined with boards, please visit our social media or to the gallery of our implementation.

How do I look after movable patio blinds?

Care for the movable planks in exactly the same way as for the terrace: clean regularly, impregnate and use as indicated. Handles - use as intended. Detailed information is available on our blog.

What type of material is best suited to the development?

It's a question of tastes, and tastes are not discussed. Both wood and aluminium have their pros and cons, of which we wrote on the blog. From my point of view, the most important thing is that the wood to be worked in the holders is properly dried, trimmed, protected. It is also important that it is not overstressed. Aluminium laths of the right length. The rest is a matter of aesthetics.

We want to improve your quality of life.

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  • Thanks to Opened.co.uk, our terrace has been transformed into a cosy outdoor living room. Finally, we have a place where we can spend time outside, whatever the time of day and whatever the weather.
  • Putting the blinds together turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. Painting was more of a challenge, but thanks to your hints on how we could do it, it went surprisingly smoothly.
  • I admire the determination of the installation team. Despite the rain, she managed to build the gazebo. Thanks to you, we are fully ready for the garden party season.
  • I was afraid that the enclosure would take the pleasure out of being on the balcony, in the open. On the contrary: now I have air and sunshine exactly when I want it. And when I don't, I shut myself away.
  • A mega solution! Our pergola has gained a new character - it looks very elegant. But most importantly, the rotating boards have finally allowed us to discreetly cut ourselves off from the neighbours.

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