• Zabudowa tarasów ruchomymi żaluzjami ogrodowymi

    Terrace cladding - movable external blinds for building in

    We build terraces, balconies, sheds and gazebos throughout the country.

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  • Drewniana zabudowa boków tarasu Poznań

    Movable blinds made of painted wood

    Play with colours on the balcony and terrace

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  • żaluzje zewnętrzne aluminiowe malowane

    Movable vertical aluminium slats

    Keep the sun at bay in modern style

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  • Movable wooden terrace blinds

    Bring the living room out onto the terrace. Create an atmospheric place to relax.

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  • Lamele aluminiowe drewnopodobne

    External wood blinds

    Combine the beauty of natural wood with the strength of aluminium

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  • Żaluzje drewniane malowane

    Rely on OpenUpSystem moving handles

    See how to effectively shield yourself from the sun, wind and the sight of neighbours

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  • shuttersy aluminiowe na taras

    Shutters for building terraces, balconies, sheds

    Easily furnish your terrace or balcony with customised movable boards

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Terrace cladding - movable terraces from a Polish manufacturer

Movable blinds Outdoor recliners are a fast way of shielding yourself from the sun, wind and cold. They provide privacy. They are easy to use. Chosen by professionals for building terraces, gazebos, balconies and sheds. 

External blinds for terrace, balcony, gazebo

In our shop you will find set of elements for wood and aluminium built-in with movable blinds. You can also choose solutions for stationary buildings.

Taras zabudowany żaluzjami zewnętrznymi

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Bespoke garden blinds

We provide building services throughout the country. 

Home and garden - inspiration

Important questions and answers

Movable garden blinds - the mechanism and their adjustment. How does it work?

At the heart of our blinds is a precision mechanism consisting of a pair of parallel guides. To these are attached swivel brackets for mounting the wooden lamellas. The whole silently works in perfect harmony, allowing for easy, intuitive adjustment of even very long lamellas.

Do wooden garden blinds need to be maintained?

Unprotected laths should be impregnated before installation. If you buy a painted product, you have peace of mind for several seasons. For impregnation and protection of wooden components of garden blinds, there are wood varnishes.

In what maximum lengths can the aluminium lamella and the pine/larch board be?

Aluminium lamellas fitted horizontally it may be a maximum of 200 cm width. Mounted vertically 250 cm. Regardless of the type of wood, we recommend a board length not exceeding 110 cm.

How much does it cost to enclose a terrace or balcony?

It depends on the material you want to cover the terrace with and the area of the build. If you would like to know the exact costs for your terrace, please call + 48 530-336-595 or write wycena@otwierane.pl. We will take the various options into account and calculate everything for you!

I want to commission a building development. Where should I apply?

Please feel free to contact our sales department. Please send at wycena@otwierane.pl: a photo of the development site, the dimensions of the space you want to develop. These do not have to be precise dimensions. If you accept the offer, we will drive up and take precise measurements. Information as to what material we are to make it of (choice of you will find in our shop), the postcode of the town where we are to place it. We will write back as soon as possible.

What is the best way to enclose a terrace?

It depends on the size of the terrace, your possibilities, your needs and your desire. We recommend fitting your terrace with wooden or aluminium moving blinds. This is a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution which will protect your terrace from changing weather conditions and the prying eyes of your neighbours. You can read more about terrace cladding in our article: What to use for roofing and decking.

What is the cheapest way to build a terrace?

The final cost of a terrace development depends on the size of the terrace, the choice of materials, the type of development, whether you do it yourself or with the help of a team. Certainly, the cheapest way is to do the construction yourself. We will tell you how to do it. Call us + 48 530 336 595 or write: info@otwierane.pl.

What to build the terrace walls of?

You can make your terrace walls from many different types of material. From wood, aluminium, glass, composites, plexiglass. The final choice of material depends on the size and exhibition of the terrace and on your needs and possibilities. We recommend the use of movable external blinds - wooden or aluminium - for their aesthetics, durability, adjustability and relatively low construction costs.

Where should I look for information about my order?

Call us + 48 530 336 595 or write: info@otwierane.pl. We are ready to operate from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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  • Thanks to Opened.co.uk, our terrace has been transformed into a cosy outdoor living room. Finally, we have a place where we can spend time outside, whatever the time of day and whatever the weather.
  • Putting the blinds together turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. Painting was more of a challenge, but thanks to your hints on how we could do it, it went surprisingly smoothly.
  • I admire the determination of the installation team. Despite the rain, she managed to build the gazebo. Thanks to you, we are fully ready for the garden party season.
  • I was afraid that the enclosure would take the pleasure out of being on the balcony, in the open. On the contrary: now I have air and sunshine exactly when I want it. And when I don't, I shut myself away.
  • A mega solution! Our pergola has gained a new character - it looks very elegant. But most importantly, the rotating boards have finally allowed us to discreetly cut ourselves off from the neighbours.

Terrace cladding - movable external blinds for building in

Opened.co.uk is a shop, where you will find a large selection of terrace solutions. Our products combine aesthetics, functionality and modern technology. The range includes innovative blind systems, pergolas and other components to transform your terrace into the space of your dreams. They provide not only exceptional design, but also durability and comfort. 

Customised terrace cladding

Are you planning a customised terrace? Outsource it to professionals who will ensure fast and precise installation. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind of knowing that your terrace structure will not only be beautiful, but also functional. Be sure that it is made of high-quality materials, so that it will serve you for many years. Our company specialises in the construction of pergolas, terraces and sheds. We make blind building services exterior. We have the knowledge and tools for precise installation, which minimises the risk of errors and damage. Benefit from our experience. 

Would you like to commission us free building estimate? Send us the dimensions of the area to be built, the material to be used for the blinds and a photo of where the structure will stand to the e-mail address wycena@otwierane.pl. 

Movable blinds for the terrace - built-in

The basis for the construction of terraces is OpenUpSystem blind holder system. The mounts, designed and manufactured in Poland, ensure easy installation and adjustments terrace blinds (or garden blinds). One pair of brackets is enough to build a garden blind module in wood or aluminium. Would you like to find out more about brackets and patio building kits?

Functional solution

The brackets are durable and weatherproof. So are the aluminium slats. The wide range of colours of the handles and slats allows the terrace structure to be perfectly matched to the style of any house.
Covering a terrace with blinds is a solution that combines functionality and aesthetics. Terrace blinds protect against sun, wind and rain. They provide privacy and a feeling of security. Thanks to simple adjustment, you can easily adjust the level of insolation and external visibility to your needs. They add elegance to any terrace. We also recommend terrace blinds for the construction of pergolas, shelters, balconies.

Fixed louvre panels

An alternative to OpenUpSystem's movable brackets. Reach for Skossy angled board fixings, which can be used to make louvre panels with ease. The mounts are recommended wherever simplicity, speed and aesthetics are important. Particularly for the construction of rubbish bins, carportstool sheds, bicycle sheds, fences. They work well as universal fixings for louvre fences - allowing the spans to adapt to the undulating ground. 

Pergola for terrace and garden

If you don't have a built-in structure on your terrace, take advantage of our range of wooden pergolas. In the shop you will find a ready-made terrace pergola and the components to build it to any size.

The terrace pergola is an elegant, multifunctional outdoor space that provides protection from the sun and increases privacy. Enclosing it with louvres allows you to regulate the lighting, the air flow. It allows the terrace to be used whatever the weather. The choice of finishing materials: wood, painted wood, aluminium, painted aluminium or woodgrain, allows to create a coherent and stylish exterior appearance that increases the value and attractiveness of the house.

Terrace roofing

Our company cooperates with suppliers of canopies for terraces. When you order a building from us, you can also count on a wooden or aluminium canopy. 

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