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Brackets for moving blinds and fixing systems
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The system for installing movable terrace blinds facilitates the wooden installation of terraces, balconies, gazebos and sheds. Reduces the time needed to prepare the mobile construction. It makes the execution of orders fast and comfortable. It is durable, well-thought-out, easy and convenient to install. 

Higher profits

Time and money saved with wood blind accessories from translate into your earnings. Realisations go faster. The structures you build can be larger and trouble-free. You gain appointments for more customers. With us, your business will go into high gear.


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By becoming our partner, you are joining the growing circle of specialists in mobile outdoor construction. You gain access to expert knowledge and the opportunity to test new solutions. As a proven B2B partner, you have a share of discounts and promotions. You also have the option of ordering wholesale quantities directly, as well as retail quantities.

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We are looking for business partners, distributors, wholesalers.

We are open to various forms of cooperation. You are welcome:

  • companies specialising in exterior cladding
  • companies building terraces and gazebos
  • garden shops
  • manufacturers of small-scale wooden architecture
  • traders
  • architects and landscape designers


What do partners praise us for?

We know what counts in business: honesty, openness and clear rules. We have never been disappointed by that. This is exactly the kind of people we need. But nothing for free. That is why we provide you with the following as part of our cooperation:

Quick contact

We always answer questions


For us, a given word has meaning

Punctual deliveries

In return for timely payment

Convenient transport

We provide logistical support

Reservation of goods

Availability priority for regular customers

Frequently asked question

What is the minimum order cost to obtain wholesale prices?

We do not have a minimum order amount. Once your account has been created and verified, wholesale prices are charged from the first item/first order.

Do we sell longer boards than 110 cm on special order?

We do not sell boards longer than 110 cm, this is due to the possibility of the longer board warping. An alternative is the aluminium lamella, which can be as long as 250 cm.

Can a 10×2 cm board be inserted into the holder?

We do not recommend this practice, the wood expands when exposed to the weather, so the louvre mechanism can be damaged, so it is advisable to leave adequate expansion (a bit of 'play') for the work of the board.

Is it possible to negotiate the price for a larger order?

The wholesale price is not subject to further negotiation.

Is it possible to purchase raw aluminium logs?

Yes, we have laths in lengths of 500 cm and 600 cm. Personal collection is possible, or for larger orders we can deliver with our own transport (this, however, needs to be arranged individually) please contact us by e-mail

Can I receive advertising material from you?

Yes, we are providing a package of images to promote the buildings in the movable blind system.

Can aluminium lamellas be used for roof development?

No, the laths are designed for wall installation only. When installed on the roof, they do not ensure adequate tightness of the covering.

In which RAL colours is the colour brown available?

RAL 8024 - Light brown
RAL8016 - Dark brown

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