Balcony enclosure - what you need to know

Balcony cladding is the ideal solution for city dwellers. Want to know how to go about it?

A balcony in a block of flats in the city is not necessarily associated with a place where you can relax. Especially if it is exposed to wind, sun, rain and exposed to the view of neighbours.
Fortunately, there is a way to improve comfort of restbalcony enclosure.

zabudowa balkonu - co warto wiedzieć

Enclosing balconies in a block of flats - why it's worth it

Opt for a balcony enclosure, especially if:

  • Your balcony faces south, west or south-west. The enclosure will protect you from the sun.
  • It is exposed to strong wind. The side walls weaken the effects of its actions.
  • You want to protect yourself from the gaze of outsiders.

You can furnish your enclosed balcony cosily and enjoy it for a large part of the year.

Balcony cladding in wood or aluminium?

Both solutions are great, each has its advantages. Building wooden blinds will give your balcony a warmer feel. Wood creates a cosy atmosphere, can have different types of coverings and is relatively inexpensive. It does, however, require maintenance from time to time to maintain its beauty. Aluminium balcony laths are a slightly more expensive solution, but in turn very durable and resistant to all external factors. They will be more suited to modern buildings and modernist styles. They can be installed horizontally and vertically. The mechanism for the movable boards in both cases will allow you to adjust the level of obscurity of the balcony.
Wondering how to install blinds? Read the article "Vertical or horizontal external blinds?”.

Mobile enclosure or simple openwork?

Balcony enclosure movable blinds gives you the option of completely covering the balcony or keeping the building open. The decision is yours and you can act accordingly. Openwork - fixed boards or laths diagonally will look just as beautiful as blinds. However, they will not give you the option of completely covering or uncovering your balcony. Instead, they have another advantage - they are cheaper than blinds. 

How to furnish a built-in balcony?

A balcony in a block of flats is usually a small space. Nevertheless, furnishing it can be a lot of fun. This is especially the case when you don't have to worry about your balcony furniture getting damaged quickly. Bespoke furniture is ideal for balcony furniture. They will help you make the most of the space. If you don't want to invest a lot in furniture, consider pallet furniture for your balcony. Pallet furniture on your balcony is sure to look great and bring an atmosphere of ecological ease. If you don't want to use old pallets but you like this kind of furniture, use our decorative pallets. You can create wonders with them - exactly what you need. You should also think about cosy lighting and, of course, flowers. Want to find out which flowers to choose for your balcony? Visit the website of the friendly gardeners -. Gaszewski Horticultural Farm.

The balcony: inspiration, or what a building can look like

Want to see what modern balcony building with bevels, blinds and balcony slats looks like? Check out our realisations and get inspired! 

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