pergola wolnostojąca

Pergola - which structure to choose

Freestanding or wall-mounted pergola? Which structure will work well on your property? A pergola is a practical solution for the garden and terrace. It screens...

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Żaluzje zewnętrzne pionowe czy pioziome

Vertical or horizontal external blinds - which solution should I choose?

Are you planning to enclose the side walls of a terrace, balcony or gazebo? See what to choose: vertical or horizontal movable external blinds. Movable external blinds are...

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Wiata garażowa. Zabudowa mocowanie pod kątem Skossy wiata garażowa

DIY carport? See how to do it step by step

Planning to erect a carport yourself? Read how to do it step by step. A carport, or carport, is an increasingly popular alternative ...

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zabudowa balkonu - co warto wiedzieć

Balcony enclosure - what you need to know

Balcony cladding is the ideal solution for city dwellers. Want to know how to go about it? A balcony in a block of flats in the city does not necessarily...

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przydomowa pergola ogrodowa

Garden pergola - read before you buy

A garden pergola is the ideal solution for those looking for shade in the garden. However, before you make your purchase, see what to look out for....

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zadaszenie tarasu z ruchomych żaluzji zewnętrznych

Which patio roof to choose? 6 ideas for a roof over your terrace.

If you're considering covering your terrace with a roof, you're no doubt wondering which one. We would be happy to help you decide which terrace roofing to choose....

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Zabudowany taras inspiracje

How to decorate a terrace - inspiration, interesting arrangements and ideas

Spring is in full swing - the best time to furnish your terrace. There are still long evenings and warm days ahead. It will certainly be...

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Zabudowa boków tarasu: żaluzje drewniane czy aluminiowe

Wood or aluminium blinds? What to choose for a terrace?

You would like to make an installation with external blinds. However, you don't know which ones to choose. In this article, we will help you decide which blinds to choose for...

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Wiata garażowa. Zabudowa mocowanie pod kątem Skossy wiata garażowa

How to make a wooden carport with the Skossy system

Do you have a detached house on a green space? Or perhaps a holiday home in the woods? A carport, or carport, is the perfect solution if you don't...

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Jak zrobić nowoczesne ogrodzenie z desek pod kątem

How to make a modern angled board fence?

The angled plank fence is winning the hearts of builders. It is made of horizontal angled profiles laid in parallel. This construction gives them a...

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