Movable external blinds - what are they?

Thanks to the use of movable brackets for movable external blinds you can build your own terrace, balcony, gazebo or shed using wood or aluminium.Do I need a permit to build a terrace with wooden external blinds? A permit for terrace building is generally not required. Sometimes, however, housing associations or communities have their own bylaws requiring permission for such activities.

Do I need permission to enclose my terrace with wooden external blinds?

Permission is generally not required for terrace development. Sometimes, however, housing associations or communities have their own bylaws requiring permission for such activities.

Wooden external blinds for terrace, balcony, loggia development - is it worth it?

Wondering, how to build a terrace and is it worth it? Wooden decking and balconies not only improves their aesthetics, but also increases our living comfort. External blinds protect against excessive sunlight through the windows and walls of the building, thus improving thermal comfort in the house or flat. More about blinds for terrace, balcony, gazebo (click)

Shed, garage, gazebo - made from wooden garden shutters. Do you need permits to build them?

For larger sizes (up to 35 sq m of space), you may need to notify the district office of your wish to carry out such an investment.

Movable garden blinds - the mechanism and their adjustment. How does it work?

At the heart of our blinds is a precision mechanism consisting of a pair of parallel guides. To these are pivotally attached brackets for the installation of wooden fillings. The whole works silently in perfect harmony, allowing for easy, intuitive adjustment.

Do wooden garden blinds need to be maintained?

Unprotected boards should be impregnated before installation. If you buy a painted product, you have peace of mind for several seasons. For the impregnation and protection of wooden garden blind components, there are wood varnishes.

How much is the guarantee for wooden decking, balconies, loggias?

1 When ordering brackets and untreated stand-alone boards - the guarantee for the system brackets is two years. The boards are not covered by the guarantee. 

In case of ordering handles and impregnated boards for self-construction - the guarantee for handles is two years, and for impregnated wood - one year.

3. in the case of ordering a development (invasive development) - the warranty for the entire service lasts one year, the handles are guaranteed for two years and the impregnation for one year.

If a movable louvre (strutted body) is ordered, the guarantee is two years for the handles and one year for the impregnation with which the structure is coated.


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